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In Emerald Ruby or Saphire, use dive to go underwater. When you want to return to the surface, press the "B" button and a message should come up asking you if you want to go back up. Press yes, and you will return to the surface.

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Q: How do you go up after you use dive on Pokemon?
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How do you get to sootoplis city?

You go nere it and use the hm dive and find a cave enterents go in it then go to ur Pokemon that's knows the hm dive hit use dive. Then u will go up then surf to the other end of the cave and the you are there

How do you get back up on the surface after you use dive in Pokemon emerald?

you just press b and you will go up =P

Where to get to sootopiles city for Pokemon Ruby?

Use dive on route 126 and go to the end of the under water cave therevwill be a cave use dive to go up inside of the cave and you're there

In Pokemon ruby version how do you read the underwater writing?

I says go up here. So use dive and go up then I have no idea what the rest says

Where does sub go after it leaves in Pokemon ruby?

it goes under the water. But you have to use dive to get to it. To use dive you have to beat the seventh gym leaders.To get dive go to steven`s house (it is in mosdeep) and he will give it to you. The sub is in a cavern. Go up in the cave where the sub is.It will continue the story.

How do you get though the Seafloor Carven in Pokemon Ruby?

You need to beat the phisick gym leader to use dive. use dive and surf tms on a water pkmn. go to mossdeep ity. go all the way down. go left. use surf. find water that is a little darker. use dive and follo the trail. when u get to the cavern, u will see the ship. use dive to get up.

How can you get in the last gym in Pokemon emlard?

you have to no surf and dive go south from mossdeep city then use dive to go underr water youshould find like a cave entrance go in then go up out of the water and your gym is in sootopolace

Where is marina cave in Pokemon Emerald?

after you beat the Pokemon league go where the shoal cave is then look to your left and the is a dive spot dive and go through and then go up then there is a cave and that is the marine cave.

In Pokemon Emerald at the braille near Pacifidlog Town what does it mean by saying 'Go up here' mean?

It means use dive to "go up here" to reach the sealed chamber.

How do you get to sootopolis on sapphire?

I have trouble the first time finding it too,it's very hard to find because it's underwater.You have to dive all the place in the sea and find small cave,go in and go up you'll get to that city

How do you cach febas in emerald vertion?

in the city where you have to use dive. use dive, but don't go into the city, then there should be some grass around. search for Pokemon in the grass, and a feebas should come up. he is a very rare Pokemon, so don't expect to find him so quickly!

Can you get dive in Pokemon Platiunm?

Dive is not an HM move in Pokemon Platinum. There are, however, Pokemon that can learn it by level up.