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if you go to the route 128 and use dive on a huge dark blue spot and look around the trench there will be a sub use dive again to go up then you are there but you need Pokemon who know strength, rock smash and surf for the mazes in the cave.[Im still stuck on the 4th maze.]

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Q: Where is team aquas underwater base?
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Where is team aquas base on sapphire when its not at lilycove?

Their base is always at Lilycove, but you can find them other places (Mt. Pyre, Underwater Cavern, etc...).

Where is team aquas stolen sub?

Near sootopolis underwater

Is kyogre in team aquas base?


How do you get in team aquas base if the door is closed?

open it

How do you get rid of team aqua?

How can you find Team Aquas secret base?

How can you find team aquas base in Pokemon ruby?

You can't

What do you do after you go to team aquas base and get the master ball?

Capture a pikachu

Where is team aqua's underwater hideout?

Team Aquas underwater hideout is located in Mossdeep. You will need to dive down in the water and on the right hand side there will be a cave, which will be the hideout.

How do you get past team aquas base at seafloor carven?

well you go swim then find the dark spot of the largest sea then face the same pokemon then catch it,the battle team aquas

How do you get the guy to move with the wailmer so you can go to the team aquas hideout in Pokemon emerald?

beat the team aqua base

Where is Sapphire in Pokemon Ruby?

If by sapphire you mean kyogre (cover star of Pokemon sapphire) beat team aquas base,find them underwater on route 128 go up through the cave and he runs off.go to cave of origin.

Where are the team magmam guys you have to beat to get in team aquas base?

there on the mount after the lady that sells lava cookies if you have the badge it will open automaticaly