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you swim out to the spot where sootpolis is and you dive under water and go around that area until you see a spot with like a cave door and you go in. then you dive up and surf the water until you reach land.

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Q: What do you do when you get dive on Pokemon emerald?
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What to do after you get dive in Pokemon emerald?

get rayquaza

How do you dive in emerald?

You have to have a Pokemon in your party which know the HM Dive. Surf onto water then go to your party, select the Pokemon that knows dive, and click on Dive.

How do you find a diver that can teach your Pokemon dive in Pokemon emerald?

You get the abilty to use the move Dive from Tate and Liza in Mossdeep and then you can teach your Pokemon to Dive! X3 POKEMON-1001

Where do you get heart scale in Pokemon emerald?

to get a heart dive

How do you get to shootopolis city in Pokemon emerald?

Use dive.

How do you get to the big dive spot in the ocean currents in Pokemon emerald?

get a water Pokemon yhe TM dive and well dive under the water

What place will you beat may to get hm dive in Pokemon emerald?

You get Dive from steven not may.

How do i get drive in pokemon emerald?

You can get Dive in Pokemon Emerald by going to Mossdeep City and ensure you check all the houses.

Were can you find dive on Pokemon emerald version?

you can find dive balls at the mossdeep city pokemart

Where do you catch reclinth in Pokemon emerald?

dive 126_128 routes

What city do you get dive from in Pokemon emerald?

mossdeep city dhoom

Where to catch relicanth in Pokemon emerald?

You can catch it when you use dive.