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Sorry, but you are unable to do that in platinuim or dp

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Q: How do you go to johto in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get to johnto in Pokemon Platinum?

u don't go to johto in Pokemon platinum

How do you go to Kanto Johto and Hoenn in Pokemon Platinum?

you cant. period. no disscussion

Trade johto starters platinum?

Obtain 200 Pokemon in Pokemon ruby, sapphire or emerald, then go to professor birch and you get to choose one of the johto starters, then you migrate the starter you chose to Pokemon, diamond, pearl, or platinum.

Can you go to Kanto Johto and Hoenn in Pokemon Platinum?

No you can not. You can only stay in Shinno in Platinum. On Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you can go to Kanto but not Hoenn and Shinno.

How do you get a johto starter in Pokemon platinum?

Trade it in from another game.

Can you go to Kanto Johto and Hoenn in Pokemon PERL?

no, in Pearl as well as Diamond and Platinum, you can only be in the Sinnoh region

Does Pokemon platinum have the johto and Sinnoh regions in it?

It has only the sinnoh region.

How do you migrate Pokemon from the Johto region to Pokemon platinum?

you cant migrate Pokemon from color games sorry

Where can you find Charmander on Pokemon platnim?

Because Platinum the region is Sinnoh, you can't get Charmander. On Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you can go to Johto and Kanto. But no Sinnoh for Platinum.

What is Pokemon Platinum version about?

Pokemon Platinum is just the 3rd generation of Sinnoh, just like Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Emerald and now Pokemon Platinum is just a re-playing of the series, but more things to do, rumor has it that Platinum is a multi-region game that MAY let you access the Johto Region. However it has NOT BEEN CONFIRMED yet if it can access Johto, since it is a rumor.

How can you go to johto reigion in Pokemon Red?

no you can not go to johto reigon on Pokemon red the only game that i know that you can go to johto is gold,silverand crystal version

Can you go to johto region on Pokemon LeafGreen?

sorry. There is no way to get to johto with Pokemon leaf.