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Activate your C-Gear. Touch the stylus on the Wireless section on the right, and you'll get the Entralink button, which you can use to warp there.

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Q: How do you go to entralink in Pokemon white?
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How do you do missions in pokemon White?

You enter the Entralink, connect w/ someone elses entralink and go to their entree

How do you get to the entralink on Pokemon white?

cgear > wireless > entralink

How do you get to entralink on Pokemon White?

go on the c-gear, and click wireless and click entralink. but some places like numeva town, you cannot warp to entralink

How do you get out of entralink in Pokemon White?

Go a bit further south, there's an exit portal.

How do you get a male nidoran in pokemon white?

You go to White Forest when Ken is the resident, then use Entralink to Pokemon Black and go to Black City, then he should be there to give it to you.

How do you get nidoran in Pokemon white?

Go to White Forest when Ken is the resident, if he is, use Entralink to go to Black City from Pokemon Black and you'll receive Nidoran.

How do you get porgegon in pokemon white?

It is in White Forest when Herman is the resident, if not, use the Entralink to Pokemon Black version and go to Black City to get to that resident.

How do you see Pokemon in entralink in Pokemon black and white?

you don't see pokemon

How do you get tranpinch in Pokemon white?

You go to White Forest when Eliza is the resident. If she's not available you'll need to use the Entralink and go to Pokemon Black's Black City and find them there.

How do you make Pokemon appear in the entralink?

you have to go to dreamworld and make a friend and send it to the entralink

How do you get bagon in pokemon white?

white forest while bringing people in with entralink.

How do you get to white forest on Pokemon Black?

you cant. the only way to get there is if your friend has pokemon white and you use entralink.