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It is in White Forest when Shane is the resident. You'll have to use Entralink and connect to Pokemon Black. Go to Black City and you'll be able to obtain it by a resident.

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Q: Where do you find rhyhorn in Pokemon white?
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Where do you find rhydon in black and white?

You can find one, you can however catch a rhyhorn in the White Forest if you have Pokemon White. Then from there you can evolve it

Where do you find a Rhyhorn in Pokemon Y?

You can find a Rhyhorn at the 3D area of the Glittering Cave.

Where do you catch rhydon in Pokemon Black and White?

You cannot catch a Rhydon in Black and White. You have to catch a Rhyhorn and level it up to level 42. Rhyhorn is only available in Pokemon White in White Forest.

What level does rhyhorn involve Pokemon black and white?


Where do you find a rhino in Pokemon sapphire?

rhyhorn,sorry but i found it anyway rhyhorn,sorry but i found it anyway

Where to get the pokemon rhyhorn in red version?

You can find Rhyhorn in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City, and you can Rhydon (which Rhyhorn evolves into) in Mewtwo's cave. Hope this helps :)

Where will you find a rhyhorn in Pokemon FireRed?

Rhyhorn is only available in the Safari Zone. It can be located usually at the Central Area.

How do you find Rhyhorn in Pokemon Vortex Battle?

you look around

How do you catch rhydon in Pokemon White?

You can't catch rhydon in Pokemon white. You wil need to evolve an rhyhorn at level 42 which you can catch in white Forrest.

What Pokemon can you find in the white forest?

there are many Pokemon you can see in white forest. Depending on your entralink interaction more Pokemon of different species will com to your white forest.

When does Rhyhorn evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Rhyhorn evolves into Rhydon at level 42 in Pokemon Emerald Version.

How do you get the shiny rhyhorn in Pokemon gold?

You have to find them by chance. Walk around where they are and maybe you will find a shiny ryhorn.