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The first gym is located in Pewter City and is managed by Brock. When the player gets to the gym, they need to overthrow the trainer. Once done, the player will face Brock. On defeat, the first badge will be awarded.

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Q: How do you go the first gym in Pokemon resolute?
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How do you get misty to go to the gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

Beat the rest of the gym leaders first.

How do you get in the first gym in Pokemon FireRed?

Simply go inside.

What do you do once you've got your first Pokemon gym badge?

Go for the next gym badge.

How do you battle the last gym leader in pokemon heartgold?

first get a ice type Pokemon then go threw the whole gym face gym leader and get the badge

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get to the 7 gym?

First surf down from pallet town then go into Pokemon mansion and get the secret key then go into the 7th gym and beat blaine.

How do you find the first gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

go into oreburgh mine and talk to gym leader

How you get into the first gym in Pokemon pearl?

Go into the mines and the guy between the two rocks is the gym leader. He will talk to you about rock smash. Then go to the gym and he should be there.

Where is the eighth gym in Pokemon Gold?

it's in blackthorn city and you got to go to dragon's den because the gym is closed when you first go there

How do you get to the fifth gym leader in Pokemon white?

go to the first bridge and vala

How do you get to the first gym leader in Johto on Pokemon heartgold?

go to vilet city.

Where do you go to get the 6th gym bage in Pokemon?

try specifing which version first. :)

How do you get the last gym leader to appear in kanto in Pokemon heart gold?

first get the first 15 badges, then go to cinnabar island, go up the steps to the left of the Pokemon center, and he's there, speak to him and he will leave for his gym.