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In Harvest moon cute you can never go to mineral town. its just there so Thomas can get

threw (if your connected to the GBA other mineral town characters will come too)

P.S it makes me sad that we cant go into mineral town :[


/\ have u ever tried to get through while your connected to the GBA ?


Yes, you can go to the Mineral Town!All you need to do is just buy Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town or Harvest Moon: More Friends from Mineral Town. These games are for GBA though, but don't worry, you just plug one of these games to the bottom of your DS. If you do this, you can start doing Mineral Town Boys' Heart Event! ^-^ (In my game, I had sucessfuly married Trent! YAY~)
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Q: How do you go in Mineral town on harvest moon ds cute?
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In harvest moon ds cute can you have a kid with a mineral town boy?


Does Harvest Moon More friends of mineral town work the same as friends of mineral if trying to open circus in harvest moon cute?


Is there a way to marry mineral town bachelors on harvest moon ds if i haven't mineral town but harvest moon ds in my r4?

in harvest moon ds it is impossible to marry any male on the game, mineral town or not. Its because you can only play as a boy on that one. To marry mineral town characters on harvest moon ds, they would have to be female. However should you get harvest moon ds cute, you can play as a girl and marry mineral town bachelors, as well as the valley bachelors. So basically youll have to get harvest moon ds cute version if your heart is set on a mineral town bachelor. Hope i helped! ;-)

Can you connect harvest moon more friends of mineral town to harvest moon friends of mineral town?

No. You can connect those games to A Wonderful Life/Another Wonderful Life and or Harvest Moon DS/DS Cute. But not to each other.

How do we unlocked characters in harvest moon friends of mineral town in harvest moon cute if we use PC not Nd's?

You can't. You can get to see mineral town characters in town if you connect your GBA game in the gameboy game slot, while playing Harvest Moon, but that's it

Will there be a Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town for DS?

No. Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town is for the Gameboy Advance only. There is a game called Harvest Moon: DS Cute that lets you play as the main character from More Friends of Mineral Town. But there won't ever be a DS version of More Friends of Mineral Town.

I dont like the 3-d in some harvest moon games and ive only got a ds what harvest moon games are best for me btw gba games wrk in ds?

For the DS, harvest Moon DS (you are a boy) or Harvest Moon DS Cute (girl). For the GBA, Friends of Mineral Town (boy) or More Friends of Mineral Town (girl). I have DS cute, and friends of mineral town, and i love it.

How do you unlock harvest moon mineral town characters in Harvest Moon DS cute in nogba?

You can't. Maybe there will be an Action Replay code for it, but I don't know. I own Harvest Moon DS cute on NO$GBA myself.

Where does Karen live in harvest moon cute for ds?

Karen lives in Mineral town. To see her you must connect your game with Friends From Mineral Town or More friends from Mineral Town.

If you plug in your Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town to your ds and you use Harvest Moon can you go to Mineral town?

No, you can not go to Mineral Town. There is no way to visit Mineral Town while playing Harvest Moon DS. The characters from Mineral Town can come visit but you can not visit them.

In harvest moon cute do you need a connection for rick?

yes. you have to have Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town into the DS' Gameboy Advance slot

Is there a harvest moon Friends of Mineral Town game for Nintendo DS?

No. There is Harvest Moon: DS & Harvest Moon: DS Cute, but those are both set in the valley from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life & Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life on the GameCube.