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You can't. Maybe there will be an Action Replay code for it, but I don't know. I own Harvest Moon DS cute on NO$GBA myself.

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Q: How do you unlock harvest moon mineral town characters in Harvest Moon DS cute in nogba?
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Who do you get Mark on Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?

Unlock all of the areas by building the 3 bridges, unlock all of the main villagers with the exception of the Mineral Town characters, visit all areas (have the 7 Harvest Sprites unlocked), and have the Hotel in E.Town expanded.

How do you unlock the harvest sprites in harvest moon?

In Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, just go to the hut at the back of the church and go inside and go introduce yourself to all of them.

Do you have to unlock the mineral town characters to unlock mark in harvest moon sunshine islands?

No. But to unlock Mark you must raise all and step foot on the 15 islands (you do not need to raise Sunny Island the last 16th island). And that is also how to unlock the Mineral Town characters. However you do not need to meet all the Mineral Town characters before you can meet Mark. Or Chelsea if you play as Mark.

How do iyou unlock mineral town characters on harvest moon?

To unlock Mineral Town characters you must have a copy of Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town. And you also must have a DS with a GBA slot. If you have both of those just insert your Mineral Town game into the GBA slot and play your DS game like normal. Mineral Town characters will visit once a week and on certain festivals.

On harvest moon ds how to unlock the character's in mineral town?

The only way to meet the Mineral Town characters is to connect your Harvest Moon DS Cute game with Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town. To do that take your Mineral Town game and insert it into the GBA slot of your DS. If you do not have a copy of one of thOse games or you do not have a DS with GBA slot you can not meet the Mineral Town characters.

How do you get Chelsea in Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?

1.Build all bridges 2.unlock all main characters(except for mineral town visitors) 3.unlock all harvest sprites 4.have the hotel in east town expanded The main characters you have to unlock are: Taro, Natalie, Elliot, Felicia, Chen, Charlie, Gannon, Eliza, Vaughn, Mirabelle, Julia, Alisa and Nathan, Denny, Lanna, Regis, Sabrina, Pierre, Wada and Shea, Harvest Goddess, W. Princess Chelsea will leave if you ignore her for 30 days

How do unlock Van on Harvest Moon?

On Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town/More Friends of Mineral Town, you have to connect to a gamecube copy of A Wonderful Life/Another Wonderful Life. Van will visit Mineral Town every Wednesday and set up shop in the inn.

Where do you find harvest sprite in harvest moon?

You can got to the site in "Related Links" to see how to unlock each Harvest Sprite.

Where are the harvest sprites on harvest moon cute?

You can go to the site under related links to see how to unlock each Harvest Sprite.

Who are the harvest moon grand bazaar characters?

Marriageable Girls:SherryAntoinetteDaisyFreyaEmikoMarriageable Boys:AmirLloydDirkIvanAngeloVillagers:JoanMarianFelixWilburIsaacClaireNellieCindyLaurenKevinRaulBazaar only:EnriqueDiegoChenGannonPierreNote: I have yet to unlock three more characters so they are not listed here.

Harvest moon ds cute action replay codes to unlock mineral towners?

there is no cheat for that because you need it in a real ds

Where are all of the harvest sprites in harvest moon ds?

Go to the sire under "Source and releated links" to see how to unlock every Harvest Sprite.