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Slayer is generally a slow skill to raise, but it can be speed up by doing any of the following:

-Have a high combat level before you start slayer, it will make all the difference, since slayer is really basically just 1 xp for every damage you do.

-Use a cannon, can do up to 30, so if you can afford it, it really makes it go a lot faster

-If you get something really strong, such as steel dragons, switch to an easy task by going to Tureal in Burthrope. That task will take only a few minutes, but it will allow you to get a new, easier task sooner. I love runescape :):) ^_^

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Q: How do you get your slayer level up fast in runescape?
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What is a fast way to level up strength in runescape?

Pest Control minigame. You get xp from the points really quickly if you find a good world. Try doing slayer too. 2 birds with 1 stone that way. Or dungeoneering.

How do you get 65 slayer on runescape between 1-2 weeks?

Well, I do not know your slayer level, but I can say Slayer is one of the most profitable and exciting skills to train your combat. Slayer is a slow skill so I would be uncertain on how long you are willing to fight monsters. The only way to train Slayer is by getting Slayer tasks from the Slayer masters so try there first. Speaking to the Slayer master in the Edgeville Dungeon should be good for you. If your Slayer level is low then try speaking to the lower-level Slayer masters first and then build up to better ones.

How do you get your magic level in Runescape up really fast?

By using the highest level spell you can. Higher level spells give more experience.

In RuneScape how do you raise your Attack up fast I am not a Member and I am Attack Level 65?

Your able to get your attack up fast if you attack and kill animals or people above your level you gain more experience. When I played Runescape I used to do this alot. It's great fun isn't it!

How can you get up to level 110 in RuneScape?

Doing slayer is a great way to level up because most of the beasts you get set tasks on give great combat exp as well as slayer exp. Summoning for members can also give you combat levels as well, but the levels will only be for members worlds, not non members.

How do you lvl up fast on RuneScape?

You can level up fast by training a specific skill and focus on training that skill. Some people like to do mini games for the experience.

Can you beat dragon slayer from runescape at level thirty-eight?

I would train a little bit more until you are around level 50, before you start doing that quest, train your strength and defence up.

How do you make your combat level go you fast on runescape?

to go up in combat level you need to go up levels in strength, attack, defence, hitpoints, prayer and summoning.NOTE: Magic ,range ,and and slayer do put up your combat level but it takes much higher lvls for them to affect it, no other skills do affect combat lvl.The highest combat level you can get is 138, this is when you have level 99 in all strength, attack, defence, hit points, prayer and summoning

What is the easy way to level up?

Slayer is the easiest and best way. You train a multitude of combat skills as well as your Slayer level.

How do you level up really fast in RuneScape?

By fighting. That will increase your levels in different skills, which will in turn affect your combat level. Note that the higher you are, the slower it will be to advance.

What is the best way to level up firemaking in runescape?

For non-members, burn yews. For members, there are higher-level logs; you can also do the minigame "All Fired Up" for some fast experience.

How do you get your slayer level up?

u have to kill monsters lol