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You dance!

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Q: How do you get your black puffle to flare weld?
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How do you get flare the epf puffle to weld on club penguin?

Ur talking about the elite penguin force game right? if so, to weld with flare(the black puffle) u must click on flare and ask it to burn something(for example on the stop the wheelbot mission when it says to weld the wheel u click on flare and then the wheel) Good luck! ~ Hobo Guy

On Clubpenguin elite force how do you re fix the ice rink door?

call Flare, the black puffle then tap on flare then tap on the henges on the door to weld the door

How do you get the black puffle mask on cp?

Flare is a black Elite Puffle from the Nintendo DS video game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. He shoots blue flames from his mouth while he wears his welding mask and can weld anything with this. His can be used in the Elite Missions. He also appeared in the exclusive book Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic.In the EPF Mission, All's Weld That Ends Weld, Flare is really upset and you send him a postcard.Using a code unlocked in the game, Club Penguin EPF: Herbert's Revenge, you can walk Flare online.

What colour puffle can catch on fire?

Black Puffles and Flare the EPF Puffle.

Who is flare in Club Penguin EPF?

flare is a black puffle that can do lots of cool stuff with metal

Who is flare on club penguin ds?

A puffle he's black he can be fond in the mountains

What are the names of the club penguin elite puffles?

black puffle: flare red puffle: blast pink puffle: loop blue puffle: bouncer green puffle: flit purple puffle: pop yellow puffle: chirp white puffle: chill

How do you relight the fire on club penguin elite force?

You use the black puffle to weld it and it will restart.

What names are the puffles on club penguin elite penguin force?

This is all the puffles, in the order of how you get them. The Blue puffle is Bouncer. The Red puffle is Blast. The Black puffle is Flare. The Pink puffle is Loop. The Purple puffle is Pop. The Green puffle is Flit. The Yellow puffle is Chirp. The White puffle is Chill. And the rumor name for the Orange puffle is Boxer.

Hard hat in club penguin for my black puffle?

His name is flare. get Herbert's revenge and enter the code, You have to be a member

How do you get the wheel-bot to stay still on clubpenguin the ds game?

This was by Hailey Bonifazi. You weld the wheel-bot. Using the black puffle.

What to name a black puffle on club penguin?

Maybe Flare, Hot, Blackie, Moody, night, midnight, grumpy, grumbly, fire, light, red, black and Jake.Hope it helped. Look for What could you call a puffle on club penguin. To get more answers.