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U have to have a black puffle to play cart surfer.A black puffle is the only puffle that u can play cart surfer with.

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Q: How do you play cart surfer with a puffle?
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How do you cart surf on club penguin with your puffle?

You can only play cart surfer with a black puffle

What game can you play with a black puffle?

You can play cart surfer.

What minigame can your black puffle on cp play?

Cart Surfer

What puffle likes to play cart surfer from club penguin magzin?

The Black Puffle.

Which puffle likes to play cart surfer on club penguin?

If you play Cart Surfer while walking a black puffle, it will play with you and earn extra coins for you. Remember, only members can adopt a black puffle (unless you enter a Treasure Book code), so if you're a non-member, you cannot play Cart Surfer with your puffle :(

What game on Club Penguin do you see the White Puffle?

You can see the White Puffle in the Puffle Shop. Click the door that says 'Employees Only' and you will be playing 'Puffle Round Up'. At a certain level in the game, you can see the White Puffle.

How do you get 10000 coins in club penguin but EASY?

What I do is play Pizzatron, Cart Surfer, Puffle Roundup or DJ3K.

Can you get more coins if you bring your Puffle in Cart Surfer On Clubpenguin?

Sadly no. But you can gets PINS from it

What does the black puffle play?

The black puffle plays cart surfing :)

Which puffle goes with which game?

Pink puffle- Aqua Grabber Black puffle- Cart Surfer Green puffle- Jet Pack Adventure Red puffle- Dance Contest Yellow Puffle- DJ3K Red Puffle- Surfing Brown Puffle- Puffle Maker All Puffles- Puffle Launcher

Games for all puffles on club penguin?

Games for puffles are puffle round-up,puffle launch, and pufflescape. Games to play with your puffle are jet pack for the green puffle, DJ3K for the yellow puffle, Dance contest for the purple puffle, cart surfer for the black puffle, Aqua grabber for the pink puffle, and Cathin' Waves for the red puffle. Also you can you all your puffles for pufflescape and puffle launch. You can also take care of your puffle at igloo.

How do you get money in club penguin and where are games?

The best games to play are Cart Surfer, Pizzatron 3000, if you're a member, Jet pack Adventure and if you're skilled enough, Puffle Roundup. Cart Surfer is inside the mine shack, Pizzatron 3000 is in the pizza shop, Jet pack Adventure is on top of the lighthouse and Puffle Roundup is in the pet shop. Or you could use your hard hat and dance at the cave mine.