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You can get the water stone when you go to Dew Ford island, and you surf at the right. (be careful 4 stupid asss trainers) and go in the abandoned ship.

yea i don't have time to type it all up so try to guess where the water stone is.

its very hard. its like.. invisible.

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Q: How do you get water stone in Pokemon emerald Sapphire or Ruby?
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Does the Water Stone from Pokemon look like Sapphire?

Yes, the water stone from Pokemon looks like Sapphire.

What level does lotad evolve on Pokemon emerald?

this also applyes for Pokemon sapphire and ruby and emerald he evolves at lv 14 into lombre and then use water stone so he evolves into ludicollo

What Pokemon uses a water stone in Pokemon Emerald?

you can use a water stone on lombre

Where can you buy a water stone?

You can't in Ruby, Sapphire, or emerald, you have to look for them.

Pokemon sapphire which Pokemon need a water stone?


Where can you buy a water stone in Pokemon emerald?

you cannot buy a water stone

What Pokemon can you use water stone in Pokemon emerald?

Lombre and etc

Where do you get a water stone from on Pokemon Emerald?

abandoned ship

What Pokemon on Pokemon emerald evolve with a water stone?

The Pokemon that evolve using a water stone: Eevee Starmie Lombre Poliwhirl, too...

Where to get a water stone in Pokemon emerald?

get a life. then get it at the abandoned ship!

What does the paper look like on the pokemart in Pokemon sapphire?

there is not one in sapphire emerald or ruby only in firered leafgreen and water

On Pokemon Emerald what Pokemon evolves from evolutionary stones?

Lombre(Water stone), Skitty (Moon stone), Nuzleaf(Leaf stone).