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The Pokemon that evolve using a water stone:




Poliwhirl, too...

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Q: What Pokemon on Pokemon emerald evolve with a water stone?
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What level does staryu evolve in Pokemon emerald?

For staryu to evolve you have to use a water stone

What level does lombre evolve in pokemon emerald?

Lombre is one of the pokemon that do not evolve by level he evolves by using a water stone.

Pokemon emerald what lvl does lombre evolve into Ludicolo?

Lombre evovles with a Water Stone

What Pokemon evolves from a water stone in Pokemon emerald version?

an eevee, if given a water stone, will evolve into a vaporeon. sorry, but im not sure where you can find an eevee..

How does seadra evolve on Pokemon emerald 386?

Seadra can be evolved into Kingdra by using a water stone

What Pokemon evolve with the water stone in Pokemon emerald?

I only know that lombre evolves with it, dunno about any others tho soz.

Where do you get a water stone in Pokemon emerald?

all you need is a blue shard and go to the shard maniac just of mossdeep and he will give you a water stone and a water stone can evolve starmie, and lotad :)

What pokemon evolves with a water stone in emerald?

As of Pokémon Emerald, the Pokémon that would evolve Gloom into Vileplume, it would evolve Weepinbell into Victreebel, Exeggcute would evolve into Exeggutor and then it would evolve Nuzleaf into Shiftry.

What Pokemon evolve with a water stone in Pokemon ruby?

Lombre can evolve into Ludicolo with a Water Stone (Lombre can also be traded to evolve).

What level does lotad evolve on Pokemon emerald?

this also applyes for Pokemon sapphire and ruby and emerald he evolves at lv 14 into lombre and then use water stone so he evolves into ludicollo

What Pokemon uses a water stone in Pokemon Emerald?

you can use a water stone on lombre

What level does staryu evolve on emerald?

It evolves by use of a water stone, level has nothing to do with it.