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you can use a water stone on lombre

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Q: What Pokemon uses a water stone in Pokemon Emerald?
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What gym do you get the stone badge in emerald?

you get it from the first gym in rustboro city. The gym leader is roxxane who uses rock type pokemon

Where is the 8th Gym in Pokemon Sapphire Ruby Emerald and what type of Pokemon are there?

In Sootopolis City.Trainers and Gym Leader uses Water-Type Pokemon.

Which Pokemon uses an Oval Stone in Pokemon?

Happiny uses the Oval Stone to evolve into Chansey.

Which Pokemon uses a water stone on heart gold?

Staru and Poliwhirl are the only ones I can think of.

What Pokemon uses the water stone?

I guess you mean which Pokemon evolve when a Water Stone is used. Poliwhirl to Poliwrath Shellder to Cloyster Staryu to Starmie Eevee to Vaporeon Lombre to Ludicolo Panpour to Simipour

What Pokemon does wattson have?

He uses electric Pokemon. His Pokemon differ between "ruby and sapphire" and "emerald".

What Pokemon can you use a Moon Stone on?

Here are all of the Pokemon that can evolve using a Moon Stone:Nidorina uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Nidoqueen.Nidorino uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Nidoking.Clefairy uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Clefable.Jigglypuff uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Wigglytuff.Skitty uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Delcatty.Munna uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Musharna.

What Pokemon evolves with a fire stone on Pokemon black?

Pansear uses a fire stone to evolve into Simisear.

Which Pokemon uses a Dosk Stone in Pokemon Pearl?

misdreavus to the mismagius

Where do you find a good rod in pokemon emerald?

The Good Rod in Pokemon Emerald is found on Route 118. If the player uses Surf from Mauville City to cross Route 118, there is a fisherman on the other side of the water will hand over the Good Rod.

What Pokemon uses a water stone in Pokemon diamond?

Uh.. You can use it on an Eevee to evolve it to Vaeporeon. I think in D/P you get an eevee after beating the Elete 4

Who uses a dusk stone?

The Pokemon that use a dusk stone to evolve are Murkrow and Misdreavus.