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Answeron route ten there is a poke go north and there is some grass then a fence and a down the river and once you can get back on land, do it...then just follow the land up to the power plant
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At route 209 at ceruclan city (with misty as gym leader) go through the house which team rocket raided and go right there is a tree in which you need to cut follow the path till a patch of grass near the waters edge use surf to follow the path then it will lead you to the power plant which Zapdos rests

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Q: How do you get to the power plant in fire red version Pokemon?
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How do you get to the power plant on foot in Pokemon fire red?

you can't

Where do you find a thunder stone in Pokemon fire red?

you can find it in the power plant, or the department store. the power plant is accessible after you get surf.

What does a dragon fang do in Pokemon fire red version?

it rases dragon pokemons power

How do you catch electerizer in Pokemon FireRed?


Can you find Electerbuzz in the power plant in Pokemon Gold?

no you can't because the power plant isn't abandoned in Pokemon gold remember you have to find the part for the machine you can catch it in Pokemon fire red or leaf green

What are the 7 types of Pokemon?

the first version of Pokemon the Pokemon types are fire, ground, fighting, electric, water, flying, psychic, ghost, normal, plant and bug.

Why can't i catch an electabuzz on Pokemon fire red?

You can catch Electabuzz. It is at the Power Plant, but it is rare.

What are the directions to TM 25 thunder in Pokemon fire red?

That TM is hidden somewhere in the power plant.

Where to get fire Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed version?

mt. ember

Can ruby version battle with fire red version Pokemon?


Can you trade Pokemon from fire red version to the original red version?


Where in the power plant is Zapdos in fire red version?

at the very end of the power plant is Zapdos in a room. Since the power plant is like a maze, it will take some time before you reach it, if you see a big yellow bird, you found Zapdos.