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Lake Verity is accessible when you start the game, but Mespirit can only be accessed after beating Cyrus in the Distortion World. Lake Valor can be accessed after you make it to Hearthome, and likewise Mespirit, Azelf can be found and battle in the cave after defeating Cyrus. Lake Acuity can be accessed later in the game after saving Dawn/Lucas and Prof. Rowan at the Verity Lakefront. Uxie will appear after beating Cyrus.

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Which lake are you talking about???

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Q: How do you get to the lakes in Pokemon diamond?
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Where is Grand Lake in Pokemon Diamond pearl?

There are no 'Grand Lakes' in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but there are the three lakes that have Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf.

Where do the 3 legendary Pokemon in Pokemon diamond appear?

at the midle of the three lakes at the midle of the three lakes

What do you do you do after the earthquake on Pokemon Diamond?

You go to the lakes he tells you to.

Are there secret lakes in Pokemon diamond?

yea......there is three

How do you get a leGEND on Pokemon diamond?

Go to all the lakes after capturing diaga

Where can you find a goldeen in Pokemon diamond?

in most lakes with your good rod

How many times can you battle the three legendary pokemon of the lakes in pokemon diamond?

One each.

How do you go to the bottom of the three lakes in Pokemon diamond?

There is no bottom of those lakes. If you're looking for the pixies, they are in the caves in the middle of the lakes.

What do you do when you been to all three lakes on Pokemon diamond?

Catch the Pokemon or head straight to Sunnyshore City

How do you catch the lengdary sisters in Pokemon diamond for ds?

you go to three lakes

Where is the best fishing spot in Pokemon Diamond?

The best fishing spot on Pokemon diamond is the 3 lakes where u can also find mesprit uxie and azelf

Where is Pokemon number 148 in Pokemon Diamond?

azelf / find him at one of the three lakes by Charles Austin hanks