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Go east(or right) of cerulean city(you'll need flash to get through the cave)

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Q: How do you get to rock tunnel in Pokemon Blue?
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How do you get into lavender town in Pokemon Blue?

You go though rock tunnel

Where is lavender town in Pokemon Blue?

Lavender town can be found after travelling through the Rock Tunnel (which you need Flash). Geographically it is east of Saffron City and south of the Rock Tunnel.

Where can you catch a Zapdos in Pokemon Blue?

In the power plant its located sout from Rock Tunnel you need Surf to get there.

Where is the power plant in pokemon si lver?

Go to the pokemon centre at rock tunnel and surf southwards. Rock tunnel is east of cerulean.

What kind of Pokemon can you catch in Rock Tunnel?

Rock and Ground type

What Pokemon can you find in the rock tunnel on Pokemon Crystal?

The rock tunnel can be found by the power plant (east of Cerulean City. You have to cut a tree to get to the path and then follow the path and you will find the entrance to the rock tunnel right next to a Pokemon Center). The rock tunnel leads to Lavender Town.

Where is rock tunnel Pokemon FireRed?

Rock Tunnel is located due east of Cerulean City, around the corner from the pokecenter.

Where do you get kangashan in Pokemon Crystal?

Rock tunnel Uncommon

Where to find a onix in Pokemon LeafGreen?

rock tunnel

Where can I catch kangaskhan Pokemon Silver?

In Rock Tunnel

Where do you catch kangaskhan in Pokemon Crystal?

It is in Rock Tunnel.

Where can you find a onyx on Pokemon FireRed?

rock tunnel