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Rock Tunnel is located due east of Cerulean City, around the corner from the pokecenter.

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Q: Where is rock tunnel Pokemon FireRed?
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Where can you find a onyx on Pokemon FireRed?

rock tunnel

How do you get to lavender city on Pokemon FireRed?

You take rock tunnel..........

Where do you get rockslide in Pokemon FireRed?

Rock Slide is taught by a move tutor in Rock Tunnel.

What do you do after the third Pokemon gym Pokemon FireRed?

head west of cerulean city to the Rock Tunnel

Zapdos Pokemon FireRed?

in power plant, near entrance to rock tunnel, have to surf to it

How do you get past rock tunnel in Pokemon FireRed version?

use the move Flash (TM70)

Where is the rock tunnel in pokemon firered?

Go east from cerulean city keep going until you reach water go south and into the cave this is Rock Tunnel.

Where do you find Sandshrew in Pokemon FireRed?

i caught mine on the path from Cerulean city to Rock Tunnel

Where you can find zabdos Pokemon FireRed?

you can find zapdos in the power plant just below the rock tunnel

Where is the rock tunnel on Pokemon FireRed?

It is east of cerulean city, HM1 CUT is needed and HM5 Flash.

Where can you find an onix in Pokemon FireRed?

Onix can be found on seven island, six island and rock tunnel.

How do you get rock slide in FireRed?

Go to Rock Tunnel at Cerulean City(maybe I spelled it wrong) there would be a boy in there with the yellow hat will teach one of your Pokemon(you have to have a Pokemon that is a rock type)