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Pallet Town is where it normally is, south of Viridian city.

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Q: How do you get to find pallet town in soul silver?
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How do you beat the pallet town gym in Pokemon soul silver?

there is no gym in pallet town...

Where is oak soul silver?

He is in Pallet Town.

Where is oak in soul silver?

Gosh how about Pallet town?

Where is professor oak in Pokemon soul silver?

pallet town

Where is pewter city on soul silver?

Above Pallet Town.

How to get to pallet town in soul silver?

you have to go into the digett cave

Where is prof oaks lab in soul silver?

Get into pallet town

What happens when you go to pallet town in soul silver?

You can get your first pokemon there.

Were is pallet town in Pokemon soul silver?

south of viridian city

Where does professor oak live in Pokemon soul silver?

Pallet town

Where is proffesor oak on soul silver?

he is in pallet town in the kanto reign

How do you unlock the 7 gym in Kanto on soul silver?

go to the seafoam islands from pallet town(south from pallet town and east from cinnabar)