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it is in pallet town. it is the building with 4 circle windows.

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Q: Pokemon soul silver where is prof oak laboratory in Kanto?
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How do you get a Pokemon from prof rowan in Pokemon soul silver version?

You don't. You can only get a Hoenn or Kanto starter for extras.

What must you do if you have beated red in Pokemon soul silver?

go to prof. oak for a kanto starter

How do you get a Kanto starter Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

after you beat red[in mt silver] , go to prof oak and he will give you a Pokemon

Where to find rock climb on pokemon soulsilver?

You'll get Rock Climb from Prof. Oak when you have defeated all the Gym leaders in the Kanto region. Prof. Oak is at the laboratory in Pallet Town.

How do you getvto Kanto in Pokemon soul silver?

after you beat the Pokemon league you go to prof. elm's lab and he will give you a ss. ticket. fly to azalea town and take the ship to vermilion city, and congratulations you are in kanto.

Where to get more than masterball in Pokemon silver?

You get a Masterball after you have beaten all the gym leaders in the Kanto region. To earn your reward by going back to New Bark Town and enter Prof. Maple's Laboratory. Go up and talk to him and you will gain it.

Where is Pokemon professor in crystal?

Prof. Elm stays in his laboratory and Prof. Oak is in Pallet Town in his laboratory.

How do you get theblue orb in Pokemon soul silver?

In heart gold talk to mr.pokemon on route 30 when you have gotten the kanto starters from prof. oak.

Are there any hidden gyms on Pokemon soul silver?

The answer is... No there are no and i repeat NO hidden gyms on Pokemon soulsilver (but there are more gyms in kanto which you can get to by the boat pass from prof elm after you defeat the champion)

How do you get a Kanto starter in Pokemon SoulSilver?

after you defeat red in mount silver prof. oak will give you the kanto starters your choices are: water squirtle, grass bulbasaur, fire charmander. good luck with red.

How do you get to mtsilver in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you need to win the 8 kanto badges and then go to prof oke´s. he will give you rock climb and tell you that now you can go to mt silver

Can you get Groudon in soul silver?

Yes You get a special orb from Mr. Pokemon when you receive the National Dex, defeat Red on top of Mt. Silver and have received a Kanto starter from Prof. Oak.