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you first have to get the 8 johto badges and beat the elite four then you have to get the other 8 badges from kanto then go to prof. oak in pallet town and he lets you go to mt. silver which is the hallway before you go to victory road

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Q: How do you get mount silver on Pokemon gold version?
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What Pokemon are in the gold version of Mount silver?

in gold there are lots of different types also the legendary pokemon moltres plus trainer blue

How do you get rainbow wings in Pokemon?

Talk to the man standing by the entrance to Mount Moon, and he will give you the Rainbow Wing (Silver Version) or the Silver Wing (Gold Version)

What is Pokemon solid gold?

well it is a remake of Pokemon gold version there is also a Pokemon pure silver version

Where do you find moltres in Pokemon Gold?

In Mount Silver

Is Heart Gold and Soul Silver compatible with Pokemon silver version?


What is the greatest Pokemon version in history?

pokemon soul silver/hart gold

What version of Pokemon has a second map?


Is ChaosBlack Version the fifth generation game of Pokemon?

No, Pokemon Chaos Black is a hacked version of Pokemon. The next official Pokemon games are Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, remakes of the 2nd generation Gold and Silver versions.

How do i get an EON MAIL in Pokemon Crystal?

By trading one from gold/silver and cloning it Dani (the girl Pokemon trainer on Pokemon crystal version) By trading one from gold/silver and cloning it Dani (the girl Pokemon trainer on Pokemon crystal version)

On Pokemon soul silver version were do you find the golden feather?

pokemon heart gold

Is Pokemon Gold Version better than Silver Version?

no they both have different names and Pokemon gold you can eaisly find a caterpie and you can find one gold caterpie=gold metapod=pink butter free and silver you can find a silver weedle=silver kakuna = some colored beedrill.

What is the latest version of Pokemon heartgold and silver because when diamond and paerl were realsed platinum came after so what is hg ss latsest version?

since heart gold and soul silver are remakes of Pokemon gold and Pokemon silver, chances are there will be a crystal remake