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You can find a department store in any town exept for pallet and the island where blaine the gym leader was.

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Q: Where do you find a department store in kanto on Pokemon soul Silver?
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Where do you get the fire stone in Pokemon soul silver?

You buy it at the Celedon department store in Kanto

Where is the firestone in Pokemon HeartGold?

Buy it at KANTO Region at Department Store

How do you get stealth rock in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You go in a Department Store in Saffron City in Kanto!

Where do you get blizzed in Pokemon HeartGold?

If you are asking for TM Blizzard then it is sold in the department store in Jhoto or Kanto.

How do you get the silver feather on Pokemon soul silver on Nintendo ds?

simple go to pewter city in kanto then talk to the guy next to the Pokemon store

Where do you get water stones on Pokemon Silver?

probably the celadon department store or the goldenrod city department store

How do you get dig in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Buy it at the celeadon department store.

In Pokemon soul silver where is the daily drawing?

In the Goldenrod department store

Where do you get the daily prizes at the pokedome on Pokemon soul silver?

department store

Where is the goldenroad department store on Pokemon silver?

Goldenrod City East of the Pokecenter.

Where do you buy moves for your Pokemon in soul silver?

goldenrod and celadon department store.

Where do you get the master balls in the department store in Pokemon soul silver?

sorey i can tell you