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Surf down from Olivine City, past the Whirl Islands, until you get to an island. This is Cianwood City!

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Q: How do you get to cianwood city in Pokemon Gold?
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Which city will you get fly in Pokemon Gold?

Cianwood City

What city is the 5th gym in Pokemon gold?

Cianwood city.

Where is the fifth gym in pokemon gold?

Cianwood City

Where to find the medicine in Pokemon Gold?

cianwood city

Pokemon gold where is the 5th gym?

The 5th Gym is in Cianwood City.

Where is the 5th gym in gold?

The 5th Gym is in Cianwood City in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

Where do you get the medicine for the Pokemon in olvine light house on Pokemon gold?

You go to the Pharmacy in Cianwood city. Cianwood city is on the other side of the sea, so it takes a few minutes to get there.

How do you past olivine city in Pokemon gold?

You need to get the medicine for Jasmine from Cianwood City (the island to the southwest).

Where to get medicine for amphy in Pokemon shiny gold?

You must go to the Cianwood City Pharmacy.. :)

What town is the 5th gym on pokemon silver?

The 5th Gym is in Cianwood City in Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal.

Where is the 5th gym leader in Pokemon in gold?

you go to olivine city and then surf to cianwood city and then go left

How can you get a Shuckle in Pokemon?

in Pokemon gold/silver this guy, in cianwood city, will ask you to hold is Pokemon. the house is right below the gym