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You must beat the Elite Four and then surf to the east of your hometown. From there, make your way through the cave and keep on going until you reach Kanto. In Saffron, there is a train. Give a pokedoll to Copycat to obtain a pass to easily move between the two regions. I really wish going to other regions was an option in all Pokemon games. It is so cool. (to much) go to Diglett's Cave

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Q: How do you get to Pallet on Pokemon Silver?
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How do you beat the pallet town gym in Pokemon soul silver?

there is no gym in pallet town...

Where is professor oak in Pokemon soul silver?

pallet town

Where is prof oak in Pokemon Silver?

In his lab in pallet town.

What happens when you go to pallet town in soul silver?

You can get your first pokemon there.

Were is pallet town in Pokemon soul silver?

south of viridian city

Where does professor oak live in Pokemon soul silver?

Pallet town

How do you get a starter Pokemon from prof oak in Pallet town on Pokemon heartgold?

To get a starter from him you have to beat red at mt silver.

How do you ge to cinnabar island in Pokemon soul silver?

surf at the south of pallet town

How do get to cinnabar island in Pokemon soul silver?

From Pallet town surf South and it should be there.

How do you get to in pallet town Pokemon soul silver when your in vermillion c?

look, you should know there are alot of restrictions to get to pallet town. beat all the gyms.

Were is pallet town on Pokemon soul silver?

right under Viridian City in the Kanto region. :)

In Pokemon silver does profesosor oak ever give you a kanto starter Pokemon?

Yes he does give you one, he's in pallet town.