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you have to beat the champion then there will be a cave called turn back cave on the route under veilstone.

The best way through turn back cave i went was left left left up up up up up up until i got to the portal.

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Q: How do you get to Giratina what route is it on in Pokemon platinum?
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What is the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?


How do you get platinum in Pokemon platinum?

There's no such item/pokemon. Do you mean Giratina?

What is before Giratina in Pokemon Platinum in the pokedex?

Absol is the Pokemon before Giratina. Absol's number in the pokedex is 209 and Giratina's number is 210. This is the one in the Pokemon platinum POKEDEX.

Where do you find Giratina from in Pokemon platinum?

You can find Giratina in the Distortion World.

What is the strongest ledgendary in Pokemon Platinum?


What to do at mt coronet on Pokemon platinum?

you get giratina

What is the Pokemon on the cover on Pokemon Platinum?

its Giratina's Origin Forme

Can you rebattle Giratina in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot rebattle legendary pokemon. (Correction, Giratina is on Platinum ONLY)

In Pokemon platinum can Giratina breed with Ditto?

No, Giratina can't breed with anything.

How do you get a guy the guy guarding a route to sunny shore to go away in Pokemon platinum version?

after defeating giratina or cathing it and beating candice

How do you trade Giratina withe the griseous orb from Pokemon platinum to Pokemon soulsilver?

Let Giratina hold it and then trade it.

What is the clone Pokemon code for Pokemon Platinum?

if you mean star pokemon, giratina