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Follow the corn and hot sauce and coffee or whatever was on that note. after that when you get to Herbert pull out the computer plug.

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Q: How do you get through the cornfield on club penguin?
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Where is the cornfield in Club Penguin?

It's gone it was in 2009.

How do you pass the cornfield on Veggie Villain on club penguin?

first talk to gary

How do you find Herbert in the cornfield on Club Penguin?

Hes near the mine behind it is a field of corn

What is Club Penguin about?

Club penguin is a virtual world where you have a penguin pal and you play through it.

How do you Get Through the Club Penguin Snow Maze?

You have to be a Member in club penguin.

How do you walk through the walls of Club Penguin?

You can't walk through walls anymore on club penguin but you can walk on walls. If you download Internet explorer 7 you can walk on walls of club penguin.

What do you do after you get the bicnoocualrs on club penguin?

you look through them

How do you solve vegetable villain mission in club penguin?

FIRST:You have to find the DVD of NIGHT OF THE LIVING SLED. SECOND:You have to put in the DVD. THIRD:Find the code. MIDDLE:Go through the cornfield. MIDDLE 2:Pull out Herbert's plug. END:Find Dot to warp you out of the P.S.A.

How do you complete mission9 on Club Penguin?

Just go to YouTube or a Club Penguin Cheats Site for a complete walk through.

How can you get free membership in club penguin through penguin storm?

I have Penguin Storm and you cannot get a free membership.

What is the see through glitch for club penguin?

There is no see through glitch.

How do you get out of the cabin in club penguin?

Walk through the door