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Put the adapter in the GBA/GBASP and talk to the lady upstairs in the Pokemon center if she lets you in the union room this means the adapter is working if not re hook up the adapter and try again.

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Q: How do you get the wireless adapter connected properly in fire red?
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How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon fire red without a wireless adapter?

u cant u have to have mstery gith and 4 connected players

What is the wireless adapter in Pokemon?

okay the wireless adapter isn't just for fire red for one and a wireless adapter is what you use to hook up 2 game boys together wirelessly.

Does Pokemon fire red come with a wireless adapte r?

Yes, the wireless adapter is included, however, the connector cord is not.

How do you get to navel rock in Fire Red?

you use the wireless adapter to get to lugia . trainer ash

How do you get the wireless club open Pokemon fire red?

The wireless club is always open but only to those who have a Wireless Adapter attached to their Gameboy Advance system.

How do you connect Pokemon fire red to a wireless adapter?

I don't know about the wireless adapter, but you can have a wire adapter and use it on you GBA (Game Boy Advance). YOU MUST HAVE A GBA TO ADAPT WITH THE WIRE, it doesn't fit on the DS. I don't know about the wireless but maybe someone else will later put the answer later on.

Where can you get a Game Boy advance wireless adapter at?

Ebay and with the Fire Red and Leaf Green games.

Does a wireless adapter from fire redleaf green work in shipire?

maby what they are both gba games why did you ask.

Why cant you trade Pokemon on fire-red to LeafGreen using 2 gba and it never get past the please wait messege?

Make sure the GBA link cable is connected properly or the wireless adapters are connected properly if your using wireless adapters point the GBA's at each other and check which game has to confirm the link you must press A to confirm the link to go in the trade center.

Can you activate the mystery gift in fire red with out a wireless adapter?

Well,you do need a wireless adapter pluged into your game boy advance.With it,you are now able to access your mystery gift.I know,that's really dumb.....How do i know?I followed all the instructions and once i clicked on the mystery gift,it said "you must have a wireless adapter to access your mystery gift".(or something like that....)

If there is a problem with devices connected to the SCSI host adapter then what is the best method for solving the problem?

Set it on fire.

Is it possible to battle Pokemon between Soul Silver and Fire Red using a wireless adapter or cable on the top floor of the Pokemon center?

the only way possible is to get a wireless adapter or link cable(Pokemon Centre does not exist in firered or leafgreen