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u cant u have to have mstery gith and 4 connected players

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Q: How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon fire red without a wireless adapter?
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How do you get a mew in Pokemon emerald with a wireless adapter?

go to where to get to mew or deoxys ,birth island or faraway island?

What is the wireless Adapter in Pokemon FireRed?

It is an accessory in game boy. You will need it to play the game in two island. It can also help you to catch ho-oh, lugia and deoxys.

How do you get Deoxys without any cheats in Pokemon diamond?

The only way to catch Deoxys is by going to a Nintendo Event (which already passed), or get Deoxys from a friend who is willing to trade one via Wi-Fi or via Wireless connection.

Is it possible to get Deoxys without cheating in Pokemon emerald?


Where can you find a Deoxys on Pokemon platinum without migrating?

you cant

How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon FireRed without Mystery Gift?

you can't

How do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon FireRed without cheats?

You can't.

Can you have Deoxys in Pokemon FireRed without wireless adaptor?

Click on the link (under Related links): GameFAQs: Pokemon FireRed Version (GBA) Changes FAQ by strawhat---- When you get to the page, press CTRL+F (to find), then type: wireless adaptor. You should find the information you need.

How do you get the Deoxys without cheating on Pokemon Emerald?

It is rather unfortunate that you can not get Deoxys in Emerald, however, it is possible if you go to a Nintendo Event.

How does the number of rocket launches go up in Pokemon Emerald?

sorry to break the news but watever you've heard about going 2 the moon on emerald with rocket launches isn't true or being able 2 get deoxys somehow if the rocket launch goes perfect because in the American version it doesnt go perfect all those deoxys things you hear with the rocket launches is only true for the japenese nd Chinese versions of Pokemon emerald nd not for emerald but if you fill out the questionaire at the Pokemon center by saying LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL then you save start your game back up nd youll beable 2 select the mystery gift nd if you have a wireless adapter you can get deoxys im sure by using the wireless adapter to open the mystery gift

How do you get a Deoxys on Pokemon pearl without trading?

the only way to get deoxys is: a)action replay/r4 b)migrating c)trading

How do you get dioxai after wakeing the little boy on Pokemon platinum?

if you mean deoxys then you cant get him without a Pokemon event