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Make sure the GBA link cable is connected properly or the wireless adapters are connected properly if your using wireless adapters point the GBA's at each other and check which game has to confirm the link you must press A to confirm the link to go in the trade center.

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Q: Why cant you trade Pokemon on fire-red to LeafGreen using 2 gba and it never get past the please wait messege?
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Why is my Pokemon Crystal not saving on my Game Boy Color I have already replaced your battery with a modern Duracell 2025 battery Help please?

if you got the pokemon crystal off ebay, then i would guess that it is a fake. Im sorry to say that, but i bought pokemon ruby, emerlad, saphire, firered and leafgreen off ebay and they were all fake so your game is probably fake

My Pokemon party is swampert lairon vibrava ninetails manectric and wailmer in Pokemon emerald please rate and add?

My Pokemon party is Charizard, Lapras, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, Snorlax, and Kingdra for the Leafgreen version. =)

How do you transfer Pokemon from a gba Pokemon game to a ds Pokemon game?

you need Pokemon firered , leafgreen, emerald , ruby , or sapphire you also require Pokemon diamond, pearl , heartgold ,soulsilver, or platinum #1:put the two games on their slots gba and ds #2: you must go to pal park #3: go in the grasses (if you transfered water Pokemon please bring Pokemon with surf) #4: catch 'till you got 'em all #5: search your P.C. and ta da your gba Pokemon are now on ds!

What Pokemon are catchable in Pokemon FireRed?

There are too many Pokemon to list here, please refer to the related link below. Keep in mind that version exclusive Pokemon are listed in a separate section and some of the Legendaries listed can only be caught if you received a specific event item.

What does the warden do in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Warden gives you HM 04 - Strengh , You need the Item , Gold Teeth , Situated in Safari Zone , then talk to Warden , the Guy in the house , Next to the Pokemon Center .Hope i Helped , If i did , Recommend me Please .

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Where do you catchchim and in Pokemon diamond and please don't tell me how in fire red LeafGreen i only have diamond?

I think you can't unless you have firered or leafgreen...

Where can you get a growlithe in leafgreen and where can you get an ekans in leafgreen please answer?

ekans can be found in the end of the victory road in leafgreen. You can only find growlithe in firered. firered you can find both way easyer in firered than leafgreen so trade with firered. there is info about pkmn for all you GAMERS

Can you get celabe in Pokemon plantnuim can you please answer?

Celebi can be obtained through Pal Park in Pokemon Platinum. If you can't find it in Pal Park, try trading, or migrating it from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen.

What is This Pokemon Hack?

Sorry About me posting random things, the "new" WikiAnswers is confusing, but anyways I saw a youtube video around 2011 of a Pokemon Hack game. It was a hack of FireRed/LeafGreen. It was about how it's your rival's birthday and you deliver him his first Pokemon & you battle, I forget the rest since it was a long time ago & I was wondering if anyone remembers the name of this hack, I only remember the rival was an edited sprite of Red from FireRed/Leafgreen in a blue sweatshirt. Oh and you start off with the Kanto starters as well. Please, if anyone remembers the name please respond. ASAP is preferred. Please add or improve this "answer".

Can Somebody please Give us some Pokemon FireRed cheats?


Where is that in Pokemon FireRed?

Please type questions that actually make sense.

Where is Ceilo in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In One Island , In that Wierd Pokemon Center .Hope i Helped , If i did , Recommend me Please .

How do you catch Eevee in pokemon firered?

no clue. if u figure it out, please post the answer.

How do you TM case in Pokemon LeafGreen version for SP?

please take chack for tm in pokemon leaf green

When i try to migrate from Pokemon leafgreen to Pokemon diamond there is no option to migrate to Pokemon diamond please help?

you need to beat the E4

If your copy of Pokemon LeafGreen has a Bag Egg in it is it safe to trade the Pokemon to another game - please view discussion?

no it will clear your file on Pokemon

How do you get a Ditto on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can Capture a Ditto in Pokemon Mansion ( Situated in Cinabar Island )Hope i Helped , If i did , Recommend me Please .