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You will not find a method to guarantee getting the Thundergun

The related link has more information on the thundergun

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Q: How do you get the thundergun in black ops?
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Is a thundergun real?

Not in the form used in Black Ops, no.

What is more better in Black Ops The Thundergun or the Raygun?

Knife. no...

How do you get the thundergun in black ops multiplayer?

The Thundergun is a Wonder Weapon featured in Zombies and can also be found via an Easter egg in the campaign mission "Numbers". Quoted from the related link for Thundergun

Where is the thundergun on black ops and how you get it?

you get it from the chest, it is a gun which can blast up to 24 zombies

How do you get a thundergun in Call of Duty Black Ops?

The thundergun is not available in multiplayer mode but canbe obtained in zombies mode by means of the notorious mystery box.

Are there any for sure ways to get a Thundergun or Ray Gun in CoD Black ops for Wii at Kino?


How do you get farther in black ops zombies?

Upgraded thundergun with an upgraded Ray gun and monkey bombs

Can you buy a raygun or a thundergun off a wall in black ops zombies?

NO you have to get them from the mystery box. Sorry.

How do you get the ray gun on black ops on campaign?

you cant you can only get it in world at war on the second level but you can get the thundergun on the the level "numbers"

Can you get the ray gun in cod black ops campaign?

no but you can get a thundergun. Its in the Kowloon campaign mission collect 2 tape in recorders

How do you get the thundergun in black ops zombies?

By random chance from the mystery box. In spite of rumors nothing will increase your odds and there are no cheats

What is some of the best gun combinations on black ops zombies?

the best combinations on kino der toten is thundergun an aug upgraded