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NO you have to get them from the mystery box. Sorry.

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Q: Can you buy a raygun or a thundergun off a wall in black ops zombies?
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Is there anyway else to get the thundergun without using the box in black ops?

On "Numbers" on campaign if u hold square(ps3) or x(xbox) next to 2 radios at the start & in the gun room then wait a while then a thundergun comes through the wall. Look it up on YouTube if your confused

How do you get claymore on zombies black ops?

you open the door upstairs and go to the power room it should be on the wall

What is the maps for first strike on black ops?

Stadium, Kowloon, Discovery, and Berlin Wall are the multiplayer maps. The zombies map is Ascension.

How do you get in the bar in black ops?

If you have the hardened or prestige edition of black ops, or the Rezurrection map pack, you can get the original zombies maps. From there you can get it in the mystery box or off the wall in Verruckt and Nacht Der Untoten.

How do you make it where the zombies cant get you in world at zombies?

you put a six foot wall around your fort and stay quiet

How do you do the spider trap in nazi zombies?

By buying the red boxes on the wall.

Where do you find the switch in zombies in call duty black ops?

the power switch is right near the m16 right behind the teleporter on the wall it dosent cost any money when you switch it

How many bites does a wall-nut last in Plants vs Zombies?


Is Call of Duty Black Ops zombies Ascension the last map?

It is only the most recently released Map for Zombies from First Strike. First Strike is the first downloadable package (DLC) for Call of Duty: Black Ops. It includes four multiplayer maps (Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon and Stadium) and one zombie map (Ascension) see related links A link has been added under Zombies that is very helpful to identify the information needed in the different Zombies maps and also includes additional helpful information

What are some glitches in Nazi zombies?

at the first round kill yourself with a grenade then open the debris on the stairs then turn left to the grenades on the wall lay down facing the metal bars underneath the grenades then you are invincible till you move throw grenades at the wall that is black to get kills.

How do you unlock nazi zombies on call of duty world at war final fronts?

Finish the campaign on any difficulty then wait until after the credits and it should start up with a colt in a room with 5 windows and 1 door and 1 set of stairs to go up or in, the door (help room) will send you into a room with 2 windows and a wall that the zombies can get through and also a 'random box' or 'magic box' witch of you have a set amount of points you can use it and get a random gun from the campaign/online and a raygun, from there you can go upstairs or back through to the starting room and then up. hope this helped :)

What are the maps on the first strike map pack?

berlin wall discovery kowloon stadium ascension(zombies)