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It's not possible to do that. You cannot get the starters from johto,kanto or hoenn unless you get them by trading if you got them on Pokemon diamond/pearl or insert the gba game in the slot if you got them when you get to pal park, or theres just the way of cheating which I never do.

OMG there is a way jeez k look if u have emerald catch all 200 Pokemon from the hoenn pokedex and once ur done than what ya gotta do is talk to birch and he'll give u a choice of ONE so choose careully than u ovibously go to palpark blah blah blah -BillyDuong-PEACE

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Q: How do you get the three Jhoto starters from Pokemon platinum?
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What are the starter Pokemon in the jhoto region?

The three Jhoto starters are Chickorita (grass-type), Cyndaquil (fire-type), and Totodile (water-type).

Is it true that that you can find the three Jhoto Pokemon starters in three island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes and no, because if you get the national pokedex you can get the three jhoto starters.(also you get to get some of the hoenn pokedex)win Pokemon lotto for the 3rd time or get a gameshark. go to navel rock and go to the top. ho-oh is there. lugia is at the bottom of navel rock

Is it good to have all three starters in Pokemon platinum?

no because you can die

How do you get all three Jhoto starters on Pokemon leaf green?

I know , trade after the game cause team rocket has the sappire rock in a cave

How can you get all three starting Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

sorry but you have to get another diamond/pearl/platinum game and trade the other starters from there.

Can you catch a totodile in platinum?

No, but if you catch all the sinnoh pokemon; Prof. Rowan will offer you one of the three Johto starters.

How do you receive Jhoto starters on Pokemon XD?

You have to beat Mt. Battle without leaving or accessing the PC. You only get one at a time, so you have to win the challenge three times under these circumstances.

How do you have all three starters in in Pokemon platinum?

you trade using the global trading station (GTS) or trade with someone that you know that has one

Where is the sixth badge in Pokemon emerald?

Complete the national Dex with Jhoto region Pokemon wait a few Seconds,Minutes,Hours,days, or weeks then select the three jhoto starter Pokemon

What would be the strongest Pokemon team for platinum no legendaries?

all three starters and some other high level Pokemon that you've got mostly good moves though not necessarily types.

Get all three starters on Pokemon Silver?

To obtain all three starters you need to trade with someone.

How do you get typhlosion in Pokemon Platinum?

Well the only other way I can think of besides cheating is by migrating it from Pokemon emerald after u complete the dex there u get one of the first three starters such as cyndaquil totodile or chikoreta.