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Baltoy koffing and paras

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Q: What are the three starters in Pokemon snakewood?
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How do you get to sootopolis city in Pokemon snakewood?

pokemon snakewood is a hacked version

Get all three starters on Pokemon Silver?

To obtain all three starters you need to trade with someone.

How do you get a bike in Pokemon AshGray?

You have to have the three starters to get a bike at the pokemon fan club

Were to get all three kanto starters in Pokemon silver?

in my heart

How do you get all three starters in pokemon leafgreen without trading?

It is not possible to get all three starters in Pokemon LeafGreen without trading. This was an intended mechanic to encourage interaction between players.

Why don't they let you have all the starters in one Pokemon game?

Starters are intended to be rare, one-of-a-kind Pokemon. That's not to say there hasn't been a main series Pokemon game that has allowed you to get all of the starters, though - in Pokemon Yellow, you could get all three starters available at the time.

What are three starters for Pokemon FireRed version?

Mudkip Torchick Treeko (hope this helps)

What are the three starter Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

The three starters in Pokemon Crystal are Cyndaquil (the fire type) , Totodile (water) and Chikorita (grass ).

Can you catch starter Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

No. But you can trade and get all three starters. N&L

How do you get all three starters on Pokemon ruby?

It is impossible unless you hack

Can you get all three starters in Pokemon coloseum?

You can get croconaw, bayleef and quilava.

Is it good to have all three starters in Pokemon platinum?

no because you can die