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Simple, go to mahogany and head north where you will find a lot of grass and trainers. eventually you will come across a clearing which leads you to a massive lake; the lake of rage. surf up for about 3 seconds then left. you will see a red garydos go up to it and press A. You will fight it,. siply i just got poliwhirl used surf on it and then used hypnosis and one ultra ball caught it!

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Q: How do you get the red Gyarados Pokemon Gold?
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How do you get gold Gyarados on Pokemon peal?

There's no such thing as a gold gyarados. its only got 2 colors, Red and Blue

Where do you get a red Gyarados on Pokemon platinum?

you don't get one.but you can in Pokemon gold,silver,heart gold,and soul silver.

How do you get the red scale on Pokemon heat gold?

Kill or capture the red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage.

Where can you find the red Gyarados in Pokemon Yellow?

It is not possible to get the Red Gyarados in Pokémon Yellow version. You can only get it in Gold, Silver and Crystal version.

Can you get a red gyarados in Pokemon platinum?

technically, yes. There is an 8462 to one chance of finding a shiny pokemon. If you found a shiny gyarados, it WOULD be red. You could also evolve a shiny magicarp(which, by the way, is gold). No, there is no guarantee on this, and there is no guaranteed chance of finding a red gyarados.

Is the red Gyarados in lake verity?

There is not a red Gyarados in Lake Verity. The in-game report of a sighting is simply a story mechanic to get the player there. This little story element is a reference to the Red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage on Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Can you get the second chance to catch red Gyarados in Pokemon gold?

I Dont think so, sorry

What is a red gyarados?

there is no red gyarados. its just a shiny Pokemon and its red. not a huge thing

Is the red Gyarados in Pokemon platinum real?

Yes, the "Red Gyarados" is actually just a shiny Gyarados.

Haw do you get a red Gyarados on Pokemon LeafGreen?

To get a red Gyarados in Pokemon LeafGreen you first need to catch a shiny Magikarp. This shiny Magikarp will be able to evolve into a red Gyarados. This is due to the red Gyarados simply being the shiny color of Gyarados.

What is so good about red Gyarados?

Red Gyarados has no advantages over regular Gyarados. Red Gyarados is a shiny Pokemon, which has a different appearance but has identical stats to regular Gyarados.

How do you catch red Gyarados on Pokemon platinum?

You can catch red Gyarados anywhere because red Gyarados are only shiny but are extremely rare.