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You have to talk to the berry masters wife and she'll ask for a good saying then say challenge contest but i think you need to do the elite four to get contest in your vocabular

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Q: How do you get the pamtre berry in Pokemon sapphire?
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How do you find pamtre berry in platinum?

Only firered, leafgreen, ruby, sapphire and emerald can get a pamtre berry for firered and leafgreen you can get it from a Pokemon with the ability pickup, in ruby, sapphire and emerald talk to the berry masters wife and tell her "challenge contest" she will be impressed and give you a pamtre berry.

In Pokemon sapphire the word contest does not appear in the list of words so how can I get the pamtre berry from the berry master's wife?

You get it after Elite 4

What are the dry berries in Pokemon sapphire?

cornn, pamtre, and kelpsy find them from berry master and grow em alot

Where do you get a friendly berry in Pokemon sapphire?

there is no such thing as a friendly berry in Pokemon sapphire

What is the best Pokemon for contests in sapphire?

A Pokemon that can learn moves for the contest you want to enter in, using pokeblocks made from berries like spelon berry or durin berry or ganlon berry or belue berry or pamtre berry or watmel berry or salac berry or leichi berry or petaya berry will give you better levels and less feels expeccially if you blend with 4 people.

Where is the berry masters wife in Pokemon sapphire?

Surf east from Mauville and go east through the grass. You will reach an area with a house in it, that is the berry master's house, and his wife is inside it.

How do you grow pamtre berries on Pokemon emerald?

You must obtain the berry first. And plant them as normal as any other berry.

Where can you find pamtre berry in Pokemon pearl?

Pamtre Berries can be found occassionally when you walk around with a Pokemon in Amity Square. They are somewhat rare, so it may take some time before you get one. After you get one Pamtre Berry, you can plant it and grow more Pamtre Berries so that you don't have to go find another one in Amity Square. A great way to evolve feebas is to use 11 high level wiki poffins then use a high level pamtre poffin and it should max out your beauty i have 3 regular milotics and a shiny i got from a freind. Have Fun getting that Milotic! you can also go to the berry masters house everyday until you get one. i would use a apicot berry or a wiki berry, if i were you. use growth mulch to speed up growth time. :3 (this little section was by ~Poke'fan Lunarstar911)

What is a starf berry in Pokemon sapphire?

Its a berry given by Scott in Pokemon emerald.

Can berries enhance butty in Pokemon platinum?

I assume you mean Beauty, and yes, they can. the pamtre berry increases it greatly, and the razz berry I think. However, you need to make them into poffins before your Pokemon can use them.

How do you get the enigma berry in Pokemon sapphire?

You get it from the E Reader.

What berry increases coolness in Pokemon sapphire?

cheri berries or any berry that is spicy