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If you are thinking it has got a virus then their must be these reasons.

If you download it and you are not from America then it will give virus(es)- dont ask me how- I dont know. How to fix: if you are NOT from America it's best to play the normal international version ( I still recommend you dont download IJJI(new) gunZ because the virus file comes from Ijji Gunz- You can tell other things from it like GameGuard are clean and safe because on other games like flyff fly for fun- they have game guards and they are still safe with no virus. In conclusion the best thing to do is- DON'T DOWNLOAD IT AT ALL!- if you want your computer to be safe. One last thing you may want to try is to get an anti-virus and then play it.


No, it does NOT have virus, millions of people play it, but if you download hacks for it, they DO have virus...


Play GunZ, but don't play with hacks as it ruins the game and your computer.

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Q: Does the game gunz the duel give viruses?
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What kind of game is Gunz online?

Video game known as GunZ, actual name is GunZ: The Duel. It is considered a third person shooting game. It was discontinued on May 31, 2013 in anticipation of the release of GunZ 2.

Can you get blood on Gunz The Duel?

Well GunZ the SECOND duel is coming out.. in 2009 currently GunZ doesnt have blood though

Is Gunz A Good Game?

GunZ: The Duel is an excelent Third Person Shooter game! It has some flaws , but it's Fighting-Game and RPG nature make it very fun ! some people said its a bad game and they say even crossfire is better than gunz

What is an game like gunz?

GunZ: The Duel is a great and unique game! There isn't a lot like it. I know that they will release the sequel next year , so wait for that. =========================================================== You can try S4 League. I heard it's a lot like GunZ so I tried it but it didn't really replace GunZ for me. >_>

Can you trust gunz the duel on your PC?

yes you can

How do you download gunz the duel?

U can get Gunz:The Duel from have to download the reactor though.

Why can you not download Gunz Online on Gunzonline?

You can't download the game GunZ anymore on GunZonline because that was the international GunZ, also known as IGUNZ. Try using to download GunZ. And because the people that make it cant be bothered to put the download button on their website! The international GunZ was stopped and rumors say the creators of GunZ:The Duel sold the rights of the game to ijji(but that is not much believed).

How do you sikp levels in gunz glich?

You cannot skip levels in GunZ The Duel. You must work hard, no glitching.

How do you take screen shots in gunz the duel?

press F12

In gunz the duel is shotgun or revolver better?

shotgun is better.

Is there another free game like maple story?

there are tons of other free games like Gunz The Duel or Mabinogi or Combat Arms

What website can you download the Gunz the Duel?