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If you have the toilet paper, put it in the toilet and click on the flusher. The janitor will come in and say "DO I HEAR A TOILET CLOG?" and then you go back to the closet and grab the money.

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Q: How do you get the money on riddle school 3 from the janitors closet?
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How do you get money in riddle school 3?

in janitor closet ,supply closet , teacher lounge in drawer

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Where is the money in riddle school 2?

You find it in Mr.Sums room ,the janitor when you give him his mop and I I forgot sorry :)

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Where do you get the money in riddle school 3?

this is half of them janitor closet 2. supply closet 3.teacher lounge in drawer thatz it thst is all i know AND IF ANYONE ELSE KNOWS THE WREST PLEASE PUT IT ON!!!!!!!!!!! Also when u get richie out of his locker, And when you go in monkey room behind dolls is a keyboard key use it for button machiene take button to give to richie

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You have to find all the money in the school and go to the lunch room and click on Mrs. Munch. She will count your money and will give you chocolate pudding.

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A pulse and money

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