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The member pass was only distributed via a Nintendo event. The Member pass as i was know before release was officially called the Member's Card. This card was used to obtain Darkrai

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Q: How do you get the member pass on Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get a member pass in Pokemon Diamond?

using a Pokemon event

Will Anybody Trade A member Ship Pass For Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

no it cannot be done

What to do with the member pass in Pokemon diamond?

go to the locked inn in canalave city and sleep in the bed

How do you get in the harbor in Canalave city on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you need member pass you can get it using ar or event

Can you catch Darkrai on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

yes you can use pokegen to get member pass or just use it to get darkrai

How do you get a event called member pass on Pokemon diamond?

The member pass can only be obtained via mystery gift. If you take the member pass to the old hotel above Canalave, you can take a boat out to new moon island. It is here where you can catch a darkrai.

Where can you get darkrei on Pokemon diamond?

At the harbor inn at canalave city. You need a member pass which you can only get through a Nintendo event

In what city in Pokemon diamond as a Pokemon store and has a guy who gives you the member pass?

MEGATRON c i think it sed on google but i dunno is MEGATROM even a person in this game?

Can you pass Pokemon from diamond to platinum?

Yes, you can trade them from diamond and pearl

How do you get the Contest pass in Pokemon Diamond?

You cant

How do you transfer Pokemon from FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen versions to diamond?

I think you can only pass Pokemon from Emerald to Diamond/Pearl

How do you get the Membership Pass in Pokemon Diamond?

The Membership Pass can only be obtained using an Action Replay. The event for this item has ended for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.