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Through events.

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Q: How do you get the mailman to come to the pokemarts and deliver on Pokemon diamond version?
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Does a mailman deliver email?

no,he dosen't! 52

Does the mailman deliver his own mail?


Does the mailman have to pick up your mail if he has nothing to deliver?

No, the mailman is not required to pick up outgoing mail if there is no mail to deliver. You typically need to alert the postal service or leave the outgoing mail in your mailbox for the mailman to pick it up.

How do i pass the manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Diamond?

You do the special mission when you beat the game and wait a moment until the mailman arrives at any poke-mart.(waiting can take any limit of time.)

Why does Postal Inspector Follow Mailman?

The Postal Inspector might be following the mailman because it is time for a review and the Postal Inspector is evaluating the work of the mailman. Another reason is that sometimes the Postal Inspector has to work the route too if there are many packages to deliver too besides the regular mail.

Do mailman's use math?

Yes. They need to work out an efficient route to deliver all their post - with the minimum amount of backtracking.

What do you call a person who delivers mails?

mail carrier

Who is Deborah mailman's parents?

Deborah mailman dad is wally mailman and her mum is Jane mailman

Who is the mailman of Family Guy?

There is no mailman character on Family Guy

Who would win a mailman trying to put out a burning house or a firefighter trying to deliver mail to the burning house?

Well Probably the fireman because he MIGHT be stronger.

Is it illegal to open another person's mailbox and to put a flyer inside?

it is illegal. i would check with your mailman/woman and give the flyers to him/her to deliver if that's what youre trying to do

Why do you need a stamp when you are mailing a letter?

The reason you need a stamp to mail a letter is because the stamp is the proof that you paid for your letter to be delivered. Instead of paying the mailman directly, and waiting for him to come to your house so you can pay the mailman to deliver your mail, the stamp proves that you paid for the delivery of the mail.