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You wait for an event & talk to the man in the Pokemon center in Floroma town then go to the top of Route 224. Then talk to Prof. Oak & go down Seabreak Path & at the end look around. There you will find the cute Pokemon you know as Shaymin (don't get me wrong, I've done it).

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Q: How do you get the letter from prof. oak to get shaymin?
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How do you get the letter from prof oak to get shaymin without action replay?

Only from event

How do you get shaymin with cheats besides action replay?

you have to do prof. oak in bed then he gives you the Oak mail you have to battle prof. oak then he gives you the Oak mail

How do you get to route 224 in platinum?

Depending what you need if you need shaymin get a the letter prof. oak at a Nintendo event. But i have no clue. Sorry Wooooooooooooop

What is the event you get shaymin?

Oak's Letter.

How do you get shaymin Pokemon Platinum?

You get Oak's letter then go to the weird rock by Victory Road. Oak will be there and Shaymin will appear.

What item to get Shaymin?

You need Oak's letter!

Where do you get shaymin without oak's letter?

Through normal game play, you cannot get shaymin without Oak's Letter. Though, you can use an Action Replay (a cheating device) and enter a code to get Oak's Letter to get shaymin. Yo im inproving this answer by saying yo idk y i did this hehe

How to get shaymin?

Other person's answer: get oaks letter and go to the tablet oak will be there and shaymin will appear My answer ;In order to get the lengendary grass pokemon: Shaymin, you must first receive Oak's letter or invitation to tell you to go to the lab from Twinleaf Town. After, Shaymin will appear.

How do you use the oaks letter code?

you go to route 224 and go to where the stone that is shiny, you face it and click a then prof. Oak will arrive and the island that leads to shaymin will show up. hope this helps =]

How do you capture shaymin?

You need mystery gift to get Oak's Letter. and you need to be able to get to Route 224. You need to go to a large rock and press A. Then Prof. Oak will come and say stuff and Shaymin will appear. It will run away, and you have to run through the Flower Paradise after Shaymin. BIG TIP: BRING A LOT OF ULTRA, GREAT, AND TIMER BALLS WITH U!! Shaymin is ranked 45 in the catch rate. After a while, u will go up a hill and SHaymin will be there. Hope this has Helped. ;)

How do you get oak's letter about getting shaymin?

Oak's Letter is obtainable through going to one of the events. You can also get it through hacks.

Where do you go with oak's letter to get jirachi?

Oak's letter is in diamond, pearl and platinum and it doesn't give you jirachi it gives you shaymin.