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You pick up the popcorn kernels left in the shop and put them in the turn thingy!

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Q: How do you get the ladder down on club penguin vegetable villan?
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How do you get across the river on vegetable villan club penguin?

you put down the wood

In club penguin in vegetable villan how do you get across the streem?

you put the plank of wood on it

How do you get the ladder to come downOn vegetable villan mission on club penguin?

You take the corn kernels that you found in the gift shop below the wigs(hopefully you picked them up), then place them in the torch next to the ladder. Good luck from there!

How do you beat the vegtibal villan on club penguin?

Punch him in the gut

How do you do the new mission on Club Penguin?

search 'veggie villan- club penguin missions' then scroll down to look for the answer

How do you get the ladder down in vegetable villain in club penguin?

You get the unpopped corn that you got from the gift shop and put it into the fire goblets.

How do you do open the signal panel on club peinguin a vegetable villan?

with ur wrench

How do you get the ladder on vegetable villain club penguin?

If you have gotten the evidence (The unpopped popcorn in the Gift shop) then click on that and put it in the fire. It should pop and let the ladder down.

Club Penguin vegetable mission ladder?

To get the ladder down, you need to throw some corns in the fire next to it. The corns are found in the Gift Shop near the missing chair.

Where is the CD on club penguin misson veggi villan?

It is under the piano in the lighthouse.

What is the name of the most famous villain on Club Penguin?

herbert.p.bear (herbert polar bear) is the most famous villan in club penguin. he is the first villan in clup benguin you know as an agent. he travells with a crab named clutzy who saved him from drowning on an iceberg.

How do you get the ladder down in club penguin?

use the rope