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You throw the peices of corn in the fire! Hope i helped, now try and catch Herbert!

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Q: How do you get the ladder down on club penguin mission 11?
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How do you get the ladder down in club penguin?

use the rope

Club Penguin vegetable mission ladder?

To get the ladder down, you need to throw some corns in the fire next to it. The corns are found in the Gift Shop near the missing chair.

In the latest club penguin secret agent mission how do you get the ladder in the corn fields down?

You throw the corn kernels from the gift shop into the fire.

How do you do the new mission on Club Penguin?

search 'veggie villan- club penguin missions' then scroll down to look for the answer

How do you go down the mountain in the mission about avalanches in club penguin?

You use the lift!

How do you complete the club penguin mission where you track down Herbert?

Look on YouTube

What is the Club Penguin mission 9 about?

its about to track down your old spy phone, as herbert stole in mission 6.

What route do you take down the mountain in the club penguin mission?

It varies on each time you do it

How do you climb up the rope in club penguin on your vegetable mission?

Throw the corn you got at the fire. The corn goes to the handle which will make the ladder go down. After that you can now go and FIGHT HERBERT! I hope this helps. :)

What do you do to get the ladder down to stop the signal that Herbert is broadcasting in club penguin?

you put the popcorn kernals inside the torch fire

How do you get the ladder down in vegetable villain in club penguin?

You get the unpopped corn that you got from the gift shop and put it into the fire goblets.

How do you shut down the giant magnet on club penguin mission 3?

By putting the paper clip