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Look on YouTube

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Q: How do you complete the club penguin mission where you track down Herbert?
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What is the Club Penguin mission 9 about?

its about to track down your old spy phone, as herbert stole in mission 6.

Where is the string for the kite on the secret agent mission where you track Herbert on club penguin?

it is in the attic of the ski lodge by the rug

Where do you test the sledge on mission 2 club penguin?

the normal place where you ride the sledge but on the test track

Where in ski hill do you test drive the sled on club penguin?

if your asking about the mission its either the hardest one or there's another track which is there only for the mission hope i helped :)

How do you track a non-buddy penguin on club penguin?

you cant

Where can you find a penguin reproductive track?

in antartica!

Where is the test track in club penguin?

it is on the ski moutian

What kind of senses does a Emperor Penguin have?

to track their food

How do you get on to track 3 Bin Weevils?

to get track 3 you will need to complete track 1 in under 45 seconds and then complete track 2 under a certain time then you will be able to race on track 3

How can you find a tracker on Club Penguin?

Go to Google and type in "(Who u want to track) tracker- Club penguin.

How do you get to the race track on just cause 2?

If this is the second mission, you will need to do the following to enter the casino: 1. Kill the front guards. 2. Kill the Demolition officer. 3. Make your way up the casino, and complete the mission objectives. Once you've completed the mission, the casino is basically yours.

How do you make a penguin tracker of your own penguin?

i dont think you can track your own penguins i think it only works for famous penguin rockhopper etc etc.