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You cant it already has one.

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Q: How do you get the green puffle a bigger propeller hat?
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On club penguin can your green puffle fly?

Only if it's wearing a propeller hat.

What do you need to do in order to get the green puffle in the town to get the map piece for you on club penguin?

You have to give him a cookie and then G's propeller hat.

What does the green puffle need to get the part of the map on club penguin?

You must get the Brown Propeller Hat from the Gadget Room in the HQ.

What do you do when you get the paper of the night club in Club Penguin?

collect the cookies in the coffe shop and get the cookie and give it to the green puffle and also give him a propeller hat and the green puffle will fly up and fall down a piece of paper

How do you get a bigger hat for the green puffle?

Go to HQ in the gadget room and click on the tan hat give it to the puffle and then it will flyneed any other club penguin cheats got to :D

How do you get the puffle to get the paper on the night club in club penguin?

You need to take the brown propeller hat from the gadget room and you need a cookie. Go to the coffee shop and take a cookie by helping the person with picking up the cookies. Give the hat to the green puffle followed by a cookie.

On club penguin how do you make the green puffle fly higher?

In the mission mysterious tremors, you will need to give the green puffle the brown propeller hat in the gadget room and then a cookie you got by helping the coffee in charge pick up the cookies in order to make it fly to get the note for you.

Where is the green puffle with a hat on mystrious tremors on club penguin?

Well....The puffle is in the town and the hat is in that G's lab thing.

Where to get the green hat in Club Penguin?

At the puffle circus, bu the puffle circus is already over.

Where do you get a bigger propeller on Club Penguin?

in the gadget room and click on the sun hat

How do you get a green propeller hat?

You cant get a propeller hat on April fools day or from the treasure book from a plush or club penguin toy. Penguin Creamycake4 (member)

Where do you find a bigger propeller hat on the mysterious tremors club penguin?

In the corner of the Gadget Room, there is a shelving unit and the large propeller hat is on the left side of the central shelf.