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Select the star Metal Mario can move,

go to the door which leads to the thing that looks like the entrance

to the level with Metal Mario can move

but it's smaller,

Hit the switch and Abra kadabra!!!!

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Q: How do you get the green block in Mario 64?
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What does luigi look like in super Mario 64?

Luigi is not in Super Mario 64. But he would likely just be Mario with a green shirt, green hat, and an L on his hat.

How do you find the green switch in Mario 64?

in the ghost room you need to be lugia

How do you find the green wing cap on super Mario 64?

a green wing cap???? there only a Mario wing cap, unless you use gameshark/action replay.

How do you get the block in Super Mario ds 64?

If im right, your talking about the brick block. You need to be Mario. Then, jump on the A and L at the same time.You will see an item or three coins. BUH BYE!

In Mario 64 for ds how do you get in the luigi picture?

its in a picture in Boos mansion in one room with a ? block use Mario then float up to the next room and it will be in there.

How do you get Liuigi in Super Mario 64?

what one Mario 64 ds or Mario 64 nes

How do you free luigi in super Mario 64 ds?

its in boos mansion go in the ROOM with the ? block with Mario then float up to the next room and the painting will be in there to rescue luigi

Super Mario 64 ds where is the baby penguin lv4?

He is at the top of the mountain, by the block of ice just above where you start from.

What does the hole in wall do in courtyard in super Mario 64 ds?

If you are Luigi, you will find a green rabbit up there.

Is Mario kart 64 real?

Yes, Mario Kart 64 is for the Nintendo 64

Is it posibal to get walugi in supper Mario 64?

No,it is impossible to get Waluigi in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Who was the fastest character on Mario Cart 64?

The racer with the highest overall speed in Mario Kart 64 was the green dinosaur named Yoshi, but he was almost rivaled in speed by Toad, who had much better handling than Yoshi.