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its in boos mansion go in the ROOM with the ? block with Mario then float up to the next room and the painting will be in there to rescue luigi

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Q: How do you free luigi in super Mario 64 ds?
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How do you play as luigi in Super Mario 64?

You can’t play as luigi in Super Mario 64! Because he is not in the game

How do you rescue Luigi in Super Mario 64?

There's no such thing as Luigi in Super Mario 64

How do you get luigi in SM64?

You can not unlock Luigi in super Mario 64 without hacks, but he is playable in super Mario 64 DS

Why luigi is not in Super Mario 64?

Because there was no room in the game for him so Mario fired him..

What does luigi look like in super Mario 64?

Luigi is not in Super Mario 64. But he would likely just be Mario with a green shirt, green hat, and an L on his hat.

How do you get luigi Super Mario 64?

If you are referring to Super Mario 64 on the console, I'm afraid it's impossible.

Can you play as Mario in a luigi costume on super Mario 64?

No. the luigi costume only works with yoshi.

How do you get Link in Super Mario 64 DS?

Link is not a character in Super Mario 64 DS. The available characters are Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario.

Is Mario brother luigi awesome?

i don't nowe about Super Mario Brothers but i nowe that yes Luigi is ASomme on MARIO 64 This category is for games in the Super Mario Bros series.

What is the best Mario-Luigi game you've ever played?

super Mario 64

What are all the characters in super mario 64 ds?

Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario

Can You Be Any Other Person On Super Mario 64?

No, You Can Only Play As Mario in N64, However, You Can Play as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario On Super Mario 64 DS!