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Beat the Elite 4, after which construction on the ferry will be completed and you'll be able to go to the Battle Tower (Ruby and Sapphire)/Battle Frontier (Emerald).

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Q: How do you get the ferry in Slateport City?
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How do you get to slateport city?

after you defeated juan and when you go to your house your dad will talk to you(in the game) he will give a ticket for the ferry from mr.briney :)

Where is the ferry dock in Pokemon emerald?

In Slateport and in Lilycove

When can you get the ferry in slateport on sapphire Pokemon?

When you learn to use the force.

Where is the harbor in slate port city in emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald, Slateport City's harbor is located in the southeastern part of the city. It is where the player can take the S.S. Tidal ferry to other locations, such as Lilycove City and Battle Frontier.

Where is the gym in slateport city?

Slateport City doesn't have a gym.

How do you get the ferry to work on Pokemon Ruby?

beat elite four then go to ferry port in lillycove or slateport and it will be there. Hope this helps!

What do you do when you have unlocked the battle frontier on Pokemon emerald?

take the ferry from lilycove or slateport and Scott will be on the ferry and tell you thenext ferry you take is going to the battle frontier.

How do you travel from Vermillion city to Slateport city?

Vermillion City is in Knato and Slateport is in Hoenn; you can't.

How do you get a deepseascale and a deepseatooth in Pokemon Ruby?

get the scanner from the dive section of the abandod ship take it capt.stern in slateport....he's in the ferry repair right of the city

How do you get to Kanto in Pokemon Ruby?

Beat the elite 4 and Steven. then prof. birch gives you a ferry ticket. the ferry was being built in Slateport

How do you get back to vermillion city from slateport city in Pokemon global revolution?

Board the Ship which says Slateport city in Hoen

After you beat magma grunts ontop of mnt pyre where do you find them in Slateport city?

go to the harbor at slateport city.