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okay here goes

first go to fallorbor town to the fossil maniac`s house go through the tunnel and talk to him then go to the desert make sure that you have the mach bike then go in to the mirage tower (a tower of sand) go through using the mach bike to ride over the cracks once you get to the top you can chose between the two fossils the one on the right is the claw fossil (anorith) the other one is the root fossil (lilipeep).

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Q: How do you get the claw fossil in Pokemon emerald?
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What are the fossils in Pokemon emerald?

Claw Fossil - Anorith Root Fossil - Lileep

In Pokemon emerald what do you get if you choose the claw fossil or the claw fossil?

the claw fossil is better superkidra- more specifically The Claw fossil is a fossil which contains a Pokemon named Anorith, for you to get Anorith is to take the fossil and give it to a scientist in Devon Corp. (Rustboro City). After some time he will call you and tell you to come for the Pokemon (Anorith).

What are the Pokemon that come out of the fossils in emerald?

The fossil Pokemon available in Pokemon Emerald include Anorith, revived from the Claw Fossil, and Lileep, revived from the Root Fossil.

What pokemon come from the fossils in pokemon emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald, players can revive the Root Fossil to obtain Lileep and the Claw Fossil to obtain Anorith. These prehistoric Pokemon can be revived by taking the fossils to the Devon Corporation in Rustboro City and having them regenerated into living Pokemon.

What do you do with a claw fossil in Pokemon emerald?

You can give it to the Scientist in the Devon Corporation building in Rustboro.

How do you evolve root fosil in emerald?

The root fossil must be brought to the Devon Coronation in Rustboro city. The fossil will then be revived into a lileep Pokemon. The claw fossil also found in emerald revives into the Anorith Pokemon.

What Pokemon is the Claw Fossil?

The Claw Fossil is Anorith.

Pokemon emerald fossil?

In Pokemon Emerald, both the Root and Claw fossils can be obtained. One may be selected at Mirage Tower and the other will be found at the end of the Desert Underpass.

Which fossil is which in emerald?

The claw fossil is Anorith and the root fossil is lileep =D

Where can you find helix fossil in Pokemon Emerald?

The Helix Fossil, as well as the Dome Fossil, do not appear in Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire. The only two fossils obtainable in Emerald are the Root and Claw Fossil, which can be found in the desert in Route 111 (for Emerald, they are at the top of the Mirage Tower which appears and disappears frequently in the Desert), and you can only pick one of the two.

Pokemon Sapphire-what Pokemon do you get from a claw fossil?

You'll get an Anorith. CLAW fossil- anorith root fossil-lileep helix fossil- kabuto

How many fossils are there in Pokemon Emerald?

yes you can. choose one then go to fossil maniacs house after a while into the game. there will soon be a cave he dug up. the other fossil is in the cave