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Q: Can you get Razor Claw in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where can you get razor claw in Pokemon Emerald?

Razor claw was an item introduced in 4th gen, to evolve sneasle. Weavile didn't exist in the 3rd gen games, so you cannot obtain a Razor claw in Emerald as it didn't exist.

Can you get razor claw in emerald?

no you cant

Where do you get a razor claw from?

You can buy a razor claw from the PokeShop, if you have enough Pokemon Coins!

Which Pokemon evolve with a razor claw in Pokemon Pearl?

The Pokémon in Pokémon Pearl that evolves with a Razor Claw is Sneasel. You can evolve Sneasel with a Razor Claw by giving the Razor Claw to Sneasel and then you can level it up while it's night time and it will evolve into Weavile.

Where to find a Razor Claw on Pokemon white?

u can find the razor claw on route thirteen in white

When does gligar evolve in colosseum?

First you have to get the razor fang and trade onto pokemon emerald ruby or saphire then it will have the razor claw and will evolve to gliscor then u trade back and you have a gliscor

What Pokemon evolve from razor claw?

Gligar evolves when holding a Razor Claw at night, I believe.

Do any wild Pokemon hold the item razor claw in Pokemon platinum?

No wild Pokemon hold the item razor claw but you can find razor claw at Route 224, Victory Road and available to buy at the Battle Tower (D/P) -Clensen

Where is a razor claw in Pokemon?

In order to get a razor claw you need to have Gilgar hold the razor fang at night and level up. You can find a razor fang on Route 214.

What does razor claw do in Pokemon pearl?

the razor claw is used to evolve sneasle to weaville if you train sneasle while holding a razer claw at night

Pokemon Razor Claw effect?

The effect of Razor Claw is you give it to a Sneasel and level it up after 8pm to evolve it into weaville

In Pokemon Tppcrpg where do you find the Razor Claw?

There is no "Tppcrpg" Pokemon game.